Saturday, September 30, 2006

Movie Review | The Ant Bully

Thanks to Scott Kelso and Filmguide for giving us the tickets to see the preview screening of The Ant Bully!

The Ant Bully is about a boy called Lucas who has bullying problems. He has just moved into a new neighbourhood and the local bully has decided he is going to be his new target.

Lucas is unhappy and he releases his anger and frustration at having no friends, on the ants, only to find that the ants have the ability to retaliate. He learns a valuable lesson from the ants about working as a team and reaches his goal to make new friends through the things the ants have taught him.

I thought that this movie was cool because we sometimes forget that ants are living creatures and have feelings like us (even if they are pests!) and that if ants can work in a team together, then we can too. It also teaches us invaluable lessons in how to deal with bullying. So I give this film the big thumbs up!

I would recommend this movie for 4 to 14 year olds.

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