Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Science Experiment 001: Grow a Stalactite

Stalactites are long rock columns that grow from the roof of a cave and hang down. Stalagmites look the same as Stalactites, but grow from the floor of a cave and grow upward. When they meet, they form a column. They are made from deposits of mineral calcium carbonate in water that drips into the cave.

To remember the difference between the two, think about this: Stalactites hold tight (tite) to the roof of the cave, and stalagmites might (mite) reach the roof.

What we needed:
2 glass jars, baking soda, spoon, string, pegs, water, and a saucer.

What we did:

1. First we filled the two jars with HOT water.
2 & 3. then we put baking soda in the jars, and mixed it until it dissolved.
4. then we put the string with the pegs TIED on to it in the jars.
5. after that we put a saucer between the jars to catch the drips.
6. Then we left it for 2 weeks

In a few months our stalagmite and stalactite will join to make a column.

My mum found out that it was good paint remover too!

My rating on this experiment:

I loved it!!!!!!!!

You can find lots of other cool things in caves, like cave pearls and cave straws.