Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Well a blog, but an unusual one.

Well shame on me. I couldn’t find anything else to blog about apart from my birthday.
Well what ‘cha going to do, boo me down and banish me from blogging? I didn’t think so. Well down to the business of my birthday. I got a FIFFTY dollar-shopping spree (no not fifty cents), Five Dollars, Ect. I tell you I diddent get as much presents as Aimee is going to get. So if you are felling kind this Sunday (to cession) you could get me a present, but that isn’t going to happen unless somebody is felling REALLY kind. Okay, I must be boring you. Ill gets down to the business of me semi-screaming. I got my ears pierced…. You are thinking im a complete wimp aren’t you? Well you would be if you had a sister who had high functioning autism saying I cant wait till she screams, and she’s going to scream, and a lady who was there made you the centre of attention. Face it, you would fell on edge. I had a good birthday though.



a cession-ite said...

Hey Hope!

Glad you had a good birthday and that illness did not completely take the sheen off. Hope that you are all feeling better now and that your week is going pleasantly. Maybe see you guys on the weekend if you're all healthy and feeling like joining us.

Take care,

melissa said...

Hope you are so funny! Maybe you should consider stand up comedy as a career option???

Go you for braving having your ears pierced. I had mine done when I was five and still remember the sting...but it was all worth it.

Hope you had a fabulous birthday.


wotsitgonnabe said...

Do you think you have enough poll's on your site? And what's all this begging for presents??? hmmmmmm....