Monday, June 19, 2006

The Adventures of Tintin - DVD review

Tintin travels the world, usually accompanied by his little dog, Snowy. Maybe it’s because of his very keen reporters instincts, but somehow he always gets into some sticky situation that needs to be solved, everywhere he goes.

In the first disk of The Adventures of Tintin we get to see him battling gangsters in Chicago (Tintin in America), learning the truth behind a supposed ‘curse’ in Egypt (Cigars of the Pharaoh), uncovering some dodgy political plots in China (The Blue Lotus), and heading to South America to solve a mystery surrounding a small idol with a broken ear (Tintin and the broken ear). Of course everybody has a number one enemy, and Tintins one is Rastapolius, film producer and criminal. Now of course, Tintin, like most detectives, wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for some help from friends. Apart from Snowy, there’s Captain Haddock, Thompson & Thompson, Professor Calculus, & Chinese orphan Chang. There’s just enough to keep you entertained, that you wont even notice that it’s a bit old fashioned. If you love Tintin, then you’ll love this series.

Did you know?
Herge’s real name is Georges Remi.
Thompson & Thompson made a cameo appearance in the Asterix comic, Asterix in Belgium.
The very first Tintin book was Tintin in the Congo.


Rhett said...

Hope, you are smarter than me.


Jakaroo Jacob (apparently) said...

Nice review Hope!

(Sorry if my praise seems a wee bit understated. I generally don't use words like "great" or "awesome" very much. I prefer terms such as "nice" or "pleasant").

I really did enjoy reading your review. I have not actually read any Tintin stories before. I remember seeing them when I was younger but I always ended up reading Asterix & Obelix.

rhett: I wouldn't say Hope is necessarily smarter than you but maybe that she puts her time to better use. I'm pretty sure she won't be producing any WWE reviews anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

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