Monday, April 03, 2006

Roller Coaster Tycoon

I have this really cool computer game called Roller Coaster Tycoon. This is what you do when you play: you chose a scenario, then you chose a name if you want to change it, then you build ride’s and achieve your goal that is set for you. For example I have a park named Elle’s World. It’s a theme park for little kids. If you play for a while you manage to get good rides and shops. You also get a good time.

Bye for now, Hope


Jacob said...

Nice blog Hope.

How about doing a post on Fair Trade goods seeing as you have been learning about it? Would be interesting to hear more on the topic.

Have a good week :-)

PS: Not that your new game is not interesting...

Hope said...

Hi Jacob

Thank's for your encouragement. I have posted a blog on Fair Trade as per your request. I hope you're having a good week!


Hope said...

I think you should have a blog - I am sure it would be interesting...

servant said...

hang on, was that really you that typed "as per your request" Hope?

If so, that's a fairly swanky use of the English language right there for someone as young as yourself. Bravo!!

HOPE said...

Hi Frank

yeah, I did know what that meant, and I did really type it. Have you seen my blog on Fair Trade?

See you at cession, and I'll be listening to you on Life Fm tonight. :)

Hope :-}